When I first started my in-home cooking service, most of my clients were busy professionals and families. In the past few years, I have been so lucky to add seniors to my clientele.

I find that cooking for seniors is so rewarding. More often than not, they sit in the kitchen with me, or nearby, as I cook. We visit and talk about food, family, their history. It’s so interesting to get to know them. I am privileged to become friends with many of them.

I consider it an honor when they share their old recipes with me, that they made for their kids years ago. One of the best compliments I’ve ever received was when the grown daughter of one of my clients said that the meatloaf recipe she shared with me tasted just like it did when her mom made it 50 years ago!

Another client’s grown son told me that my cooking service has allowed his mom to remain in her home and stay independent. He doesn’t worry about her trying to cook her meals. Quite often, she asks me to make a big dish, a big lasagna or chicken pot pie, and she has her 3 grown grandchildren over for dinner.

Having a personal chef turns out to be a time-saver for the children of seniors, and I really strive to improve their quality of life in any way that I can.

My cooking days with seniors are always a bright spot in my week!