My Highland Park personal chef clients, who I have cooked for for many years, are on the Whole30 eating plan. In a nutshell, that means no sugar, no sweeteners of any kind, no legumes, lots of protein and vegetables! It’s easy when you have a personal chef making the food for you! It might take some research to see which ingredients are Whole30 compliant. You would be surprised to see where sugar can hide; in places where you would never expect it, such as a well known brand of organic chicken broth! Why add sugar to chicken broth? I haven’t the foggiest idea, but I will not be buying that brand, now that I am so accustomed to reading every label! That’s the genius of this eating plan; it really gets you in the habit of reading labels. The food is bright, flavorful and crunchy! And time consuming! But that’s where hiring a personal chef comes in handy!