My client who hired me as a personal chef in Elmhurst likes to stay on the Keto eating plan. I come every few weeks, and make lots and lots of portions of each dish, stocking up her freezer to make it easy to stay on her Keto plan after her busy workdays! Here was this month’s menu: Oven Baked BBQ Ribs, Cauliflower Mac and Cheese (this recipe was from the Food Network, and it was very good!) Shepherd’s Pie, Keto Baked Chicken with Pork Rinds, Keto Pot Roast, Keto Meatballs, and Shrimp with Creamy Garlic Butter Sauce. 


I cook for a lovely lady in Burr Ridge who is in her mid eighties; she always wants a large portion to share, so that when her son visits, they can have a nice easy dinner by just heating it up. He is a meat and potatoes kind of guy, and she loves stick to your ribs comfort food. This week I made Chicken Pot Pie, Mississippi Roast, BBQ Shredded Pork and Roasted Lemon Garlic Chicken.