One of the reasons I love spring so much, is that for me, it is spring soup season. To me, there is nothing better for lunch, especially. As a personal chef, I am always looking for ways to add tons of flavor and variety; and I love a soup to which  I can add some fresh, crunchy bright ingredients. 

I was in Oak Brook recently, doing in-home cooking for one of my personal chef clients. She is a healthy eater, she avoids carbs for the most part. She very loosely follows a paleo diet, which is why she hired a personal chef in the first place. (When I say loosely, I mean the occasion rice noodle is fine with her! I always get as many details as I can, because when people tell me they are paleo, that can mean a lot of different things to people!)

I have other paleo clients who really eat like the cavemen did! The paleo diet usually means meats, fish,vegetables, fruits nuts, seeds; things you could find in pre-historic times by hunting and gathering. (There were no rice noodles in prehistoric times;  But hey; if you want rice noodles to add in to your paleo diet, that is why you have a personal chef!)


I made her several portions of a really great Thai Noodle Soup, that will get her through the week for her to eat after her workouts. It’s a light broth made with good chicken stock, fish sauce, ginger and garlic.  More and more of my client’s lately are looking for more meatless meals, and this soup would fit the bill! For people who do like some meat in their soup, some shredded chicken thighs or shrimp would work perfectly. To me, the best part of this light healthy soup is the toppings: hard boiled eggs, radishes, cilantro, scallions, mint, and basil. 

I have noticed lately that everyone is trying to eat lighter. Staying in place while being at home during thos Covid-19 era has been hard on all of us, and I really don’t know all that many people who stuck to their healthy eating plan. It seemed like a very good time to over indulge! I think since warmer weather and brighter times are upon us,  light healthy soups like this will help to shed some of the coronavirus weight-gain, and not feel deprived while we are doing it!