As a personal chef, I am always on the lookout for interesting seasoning blends, to elevate simple roasted vegetables, chicken or fish. One of my new favorites is Trader Joe’s Onion Salt. I had seen this, and passed it by, because I thought it was regular onion salt.  I then realized that it is a really great blend of different onions, including chives and scallions. I have been using it on simple roasted potatoes, on baked salmon filets, on asparagus and roasted green beans. Recently I used it for croutons, which was a nice addition! Dried bread cubes, slowly cooked in butter and olive oil, with some smashed garlic cloves, and a liberal sprinkling of this onion salt. Delicious. This was for my regular clients in Chicago who are a family of four. She’s a busy mom always looking for time saving tips. Having a personal chef helps her keep it all together, with two cute active toddlers!