Sushi Roll Salad!  That’s what I have planned for this Furikake seasoning from Trader Joes! This nori blend is nori seaweed, black and white sesame seeds, salt, and kelp powder. It’s a pretty traditional recipe for furikake, but there is no added MSG. (Every time Trader Joe’s has a new product, I find a reason to build a recipe around it!)  I think it will be the perfect thing to use in a California Roll Salad. This sushi roll salad will be simple to make: white short grain rice; (some grocery stores carry sushi rice), rice vinegar, a little wasabi paste, some pink pickled ginger, toasted sesame seeds, and avocado.

Since I live in the midwest, good fresh crab is not exactly readily available, but in the past I have made do with good quality crabmeat, which it turns out, is very good! Costco carries a brand called Phillips, which is about $25.00 a pound. (You want lump crab meat for this recipe, not the less expensive claw meat.) And we are most definitely not talking about the canned crab meat that’s available in the tuna aisle. I don’t have any idea what that is for, and I don’t want to find out! If you would rather use shrimp in this recipe, that would work perfectly too!

The flavors of this refreshing summery salad are like a California roll, but in a bowl! This will be a fun light lunch for two  girlfriends who haven’t seen each other in months and are planning a lunch on the patio together. It’s been a long shelter-in-place, with everyone cooped up at home. These two are going to be practicing social distancing; they will be outside and wine will be involved! 

One of the ladies is a longtime client of mine, who I have worked as a personal chef in Burr Ridge for many years. She loves having friends over, and they are all very health-conscious. They work out, they like a light lunch after exercising or tennis. They do love to indulge in a little wine, and needless to say, chocolate for dessert! I have a feeling they will be on the patio long after this personal chef packs up and heads home! It’s been a long few weeks of staying at home! I’ll leave the chocolate mousse in the refrigator for them! They will be talking for a long, long time!