I have been a personal chef for a family in Oakbrook for several years. In the beginning of the pandemic a few weeks ago, they decided to take a break, and I was only cooking for my essential needs clients. (I was cooking for people with compromised immune systems, essential workers, people with serious illnesses, people on special medical diets, etc.) Recently, when I incorporated my no-contact service, she decided to resume! She said she had been cooking like crazy, which she enjoyed for the first few weeks, but was ready for some help! That’s why she hired a personal chef to begin with! And now she really needed the break! I love the way she thinks. She has gone above board to make her home a sanctuary, and a fun place for her kids during this “break”.  In the beginning, she called me for some advice on easy dinners that she could make, and it sounded like she was really having fun being in the kitchen for the first time in years.  Then she needed a break! She called because she and her kids were craving the pan-grilled filet mignon that I had made for them many times. She tried to make it, but it’s not turning out. (We are planning on a cooking day where I can show her how easy it is to pan-grill a steak! If worse comes to worse, we will do it over Zoom! )

As for procuring good meat, I have found that shopping at local meat markets is the way to go these days. Some grocery stores have limited the amount of meat each customer can buy. Luckily, I live right near Wheaton Meat Company which has locally sourced meat from local farms. Their quality cannot be beat. If I can’t make it to Wheaton Meat, then I am always happy with the meat at Pete’s Fresh Market. 

For my personal chef clients in Oakrbrook, I also made lots of fresh bright vegetables, and added a meatless meal as well! She and the kids are enjoying the occasional meatless meal, like Vegetarian Curry or Dal! I also made extra pan-grilled filet, and sliced it up so she could use it for a quick snack after her at-home workouts! This mom is juggling a lot, and having a personal chef when she needs one is helping her live her best life, as she likes to say!