“Fish sauce!  You put it in the meatloaf!?” Yes. I certainly did. I put it in the meatloaf. I know; it sounds crazy. Just trust me. 

As a personal chef, I am looking for ways to add complexity to a dish. To deepen the flavors. To make you say “Mmm. Why is this so good?” when you taste it. I don’t want it to be unfamiliar. Just better. Having read extensively about Umami, I am looking for ways to add it to dishes where you normally wouldn’t find it. I have worked as a personal chef in Glen Ellyn for a lovely family who loves good comfort food, but with a healthy flavorful slant. They love this meatloaf. Lots of aromatics, reduced tomato paste, a mix of meats, and a tiny bit of fish sauce make it really delicious. 

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