Have you tried harissa? It is a North African chile paste made with peppers, vinegar. Sometimes it’s very spicy, there are some that are milder in flavor. I have used it for long time in cooking. I think of it as far more than a condiment. It adds depth and flavor to all kinds of dishes, where you wouldn’t expect it. I have made Harissa Roasted Chicken, Harissa Roasted Vegetables.; I have added it to dips and sauces. One of my favorite recipes that always surprises people is a spicy carrot dip. It has cooked pureed carrots (bear with me, it gets better), lots of garlic, cumin, other spices as well as harissa. It is delicious with crackers or crudités. Everyone loves it; I have made it for holiday parties and gatherings. One of my clients who has had me as her personal chef in Hinsdale for years, had me make it for an after school snack for her kids. 

Harissa is really versatile; I am finding more and more unusual ways to make it for my personal chef clients. You’ll be hearing more and more about it. Harissa will be the new Sriracha of 2017!