While cooking for seniors, I do a lot of things differently than I normally do. Many times, their grown children are the ones who hire me to be their personal chef for seniors in their lives, whether it’s for their aging parents or in-laws.  I was recently hired to be a personal chef for a lovely senior lady in Orland Park. Her daughter had had the gas disconnected, due to the fact that her mother has dementia; she still is in her home and is able to be somewhat independent. Her caregiver is able to just pop the meals I have made into the microwave for her to heat them. I give instructions on how to heat properly, so there is no danger of the food becoming dried out. I package the food in microwave safe containers, which makes it easy for my seniors as well as their caregivers to heat and eat. My senior personal chef clients are getting good nutrition, without any danger or bother of heating with the oven or stovetop.spaghetti-meatballs